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How to Fall Without Hurting Yourself

Fall is officially off and running.  And I do mean running…roughshod…all over my simplifying and organizing efforts.  I was doing pretty well and then I didn’t have this past weekend off, so I couldn’t spend that time playing catch up … Continue reading

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Taking the Challenge – Get Rid of Magazines!

At the top of WordPress Reader when I logged in today was a post from Simplify-Declutter-Organize  (which, by the way, is everything I want to do in life at this point) offering up this Daily Challenge: Get Rid of Your Least … Continue reading

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Nothing is more simple than one thing

That title is a bit of a play on words, but I’ve found this past week that I need to focus on one thing at a time.  And really, nothing (other than nothing) is more simple than that. Let me explain. … Continue reading

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See Sue? See Sue Simplify?

Hello!  Welcome to my little (and I do mean little right now) corner of the web!  Pull up a chair.  Just move that pile of stuff in the chair to the table over here.  Make yourself comfortable.  Well, as comfortable … Continue reading

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