Day 6/31 Five Minute Fridays: Stories not Secrets

I am writing Day 6 on the actual sixth day!  Achievement! In case you are joining me for the first time, I’m participating in 31 Days of Writing in October using the prompts provided by Five Minute Friday.  Today is Day 6.  If you’d like to see all of the 31 posts, see the introductory post.  Today’s prompt is “story”.


Well…I definitely feel like I have a story to tell.  Really, a few stories to tell.  But, I don’t often know how to tell them.  They pour out of me at times.  Sometimes at times when they are needed and sometimes at times when they can’t be held back by the floodgates anymore.  I was raised in a house where we had secrets instead of stories.  We had things we knew, but could not let others know.  For some, I’m not really sure why that was the case.  For others, it was to maintain a semblance of what was expected.  But, stories are so much less painful than secrets.  Stories allow us to share common experiences.  Secrets keep us siloed in our circles of pain, thinking we are all alone.  Stories create bonds and inspire hugs.  Secrets create walls and inspire lonely solace.  I am often thankful for social media because it allows me to find those stories that let me know I’m not alone.  Even in the most unique of circumstances, we are not alone.  Someone else has a similar story and often they are looking for someone to share it with.

So, I try to create a home where stories are encouraged and secrets are discouraged.  I try to find spaces where stories are shared.  I try to allow myself to tell my stories, even when I can feel that tinge of anxiety about others “knowing something they should not.”  Lessons learned in youth are often hard to correct.  But, I’m trying.  These Five Minute Friday free writes are often a space that allows me to do that.  No censoring, just telling my story, whatever it may be for that prompt.  It isn’t yet totally comfortable, but it is always comforting.

I think society would be better if we told more of our own stories.  The entertainment industry seems to have the corner on storytelling nowadays.  Some still read books and those are better, but personal stories, shared with interested and caring others are even better.  So, go tell your stories.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  And know that someone out there shares something similar and you may bring them comfort without ever knowing it.

Tell stories instead of keeping secrets.


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One Response to Day 6/31 Five Minute Fridays: Stories not Secrets

  1. barbsteving says:

    Awesome post, Sue. Near and dear to my own heart. Thank you for your transparency.


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