31 Days of Five Minute Fridays

Hello all!  This month of October I am participating in 31 Days of Writing with Five Minute Friday.  So, in essence, every day in October is Friday!  I’m excited to post on a regular basis, but also only commit to five minutes a day on a pre-chosen one-word topic provided by Five Minute Friday.  It still won’t be easy, but it is a doable challenge.


So, join me here every day in October for a quick read, but one that I hope is worth reading.  Let’s do this!

Day One: Worship Wrong. It’s Still Right.

Day Two: Tells and Truth

Day Three: Create A World Worth Living In


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One Response to 31 Days of Five Minute Fridays

  1. barbsteving says:

    Love this idea! Just jumping in today, on the fourth, but looking forward to reading and seeing what emerges! 😁👍🏼 Good luck Sue!


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