Five Minute Friday – Support

Well, I’m a little late for this week’s Five Minute Friday, but I still wanted to be sure to participate.  This week was a busy one and I kind of fell off of my “stay on task” train and ended up getting run over.  But, I have hopefully climbed back on (because this next weekend I work all weekend, so there will be no pulling myself up and climbing back on. If I get run over this week, I’m pretty much laying on the tracks for the remainder of the semester.  I need to remember that this week as I get distracted or exhausted and think about not doing what needs to get done.  Now that that is out of the way, on to this week’s FMF – Support.


Support is something I feel like I DO very well, but I don’t accept as well.  I am someone who is always looking to help others in their endeavors.  This is especially true if I feel like I have some knowledge they do not.  I think this is a big reason I became a teacher.  I love advising students.  I love being able to support them in reaching their goals. Unfortunately, I often refuse or ignore or just plain miss out on support from others. Last semester, I got an email from my supervisor at work telling me she wished I would have reached out to let her know that I was unable to attend an event because of a conflict with my DD’s school events.  I had simply asked a TA to cover for me prepped the script for her and not thought much about it.  And when I received the email, I immediately got defensive.  But, as I read the message over for a third and fourth time, I began to realize that my supervisor didn’t want me to feel like I had to prep a TA to cover for me when she could have easily done it without me preparing her and writing a whole script out for her.  She was offering me support and telling me to ask for it in the future.  But, when it first was given, I could not even see the support through my defensiveness.

I don’t know why I am this way.  I don’t think my students are incompetent or slacking who ask me for help with a paper or a project.  I see them as resourceful and responsible.  Why can’t I see that in myself when I need support?  Why can’t I ask for it more often instead of trying to do everything I can to not ask for it, not accept it and definitely not NEED it.  That, my friends, is exhausting.  Hiding out in the shadows of need rather than letting light shine through support is just not how I want to live my life any longer.

Ice Cream Party


As a step towards realizing where and when I need support, I am taking the Start-Up Guide for Online Writers.  I feel like I have things to say that are worthy of writing, but I don’t have much of a direction at this point.  So, I’m going to take the support and run with it!  The class is available for only $19 through the 19th and then the price goes up.  So, jump in if you’re looking to improve your skills!

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