Taking the Challenge – Get Rid of Magazines!

At the top of WordPress Reader when I logged in today was a post from Simplify-Declutter-Organize  (which, by the way, is everything I want to do in life at this point) offering up this Daily Challenge: Get Rid of Your Least Favorite Magazine.  It was like she could see my living room and the magazines spilling over the basket I keep them in onto the floor!  The challenge, as she put it out there, is just to get rid of the least favorite of the magazines, but I think I may have to get rid of more than just one type of magazine to really clear out my stack.

I get most of the subscriptions for free through airline miles, special offers online, etc. And I always think I’m going to read them, but they never seem to be prioritized in my life.  So, they pile up.  I’ve made it a rule that I have to clear them out every time they overflow the relatively generous basket I’ve allowed myself, but I’ve fallen behind even on that requirement and there are currently magazines laying on the ground below the basket (where they’ve slid out because the magazines are piled higher than the sides of the basket), there is a magazine on the side table in the living room (because I started reading it, stopped, but had nowhere to put it), and at least one on the couch that just came in the mail.  I love the IDEA of relaxing with a cup of coffee or iced tea and perusing the pages of my favorite magazine.  But, that idea never becomes reality for me. I read mostly online and I never seem to be able to take the time to read the magazines the way I would like to.  So, I’m going to take the plunge tonight and go through the basket.  I’m going to decide what I really want to go through (for ideas, inspiration, recipes, etc.), what I really want to actually read and what can just be put up on Freecycle to go to someone who will appreciate them more.  I will report back when I’ve finished!


I did it!  Well, not exactly.  But, I did clear out my basket, went through the magazines and took out my least favorite (which didn’t end up being many since I stopped my subscriptions to the least favorite a while back).  But, it was enough to make space for all the magazines in the basket and now I’m going to focus on reading through them and getting rid of them as I do so!  I love magazines, so I should allow myself time each week to read them.  And if I can’t, I should just get rid of them.  That’s the deal!  Thanks for the inspiration.  What about you?  Do you have some magazines to go through?


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