Five Minute Friday – Neighbor

I am joining the Five Minute Friday community this week. If you’re unfamiliar with them, check it out! It is a supportive, friendly writing Link-up that happens each week on Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes without editing or censoring yourself. Let’s do this!

The prompt this week is “Neighbor” – here goes…

Neighbors are everywhere nowadays.  We have the traditional next-door neighbors, but we also have online “neighbors” who are near our space online, even if not in person. But, neighbor means more than physical or virtual nearness.  To me, neighbor means someone who is willing to help, provides a friendly smile, chats with you when you are out cleaning out your car (this happened to me this morning).  They are those individuals who play a “supporting role” in the drama that is your life.  We don’t necessarily hang out with them often (although some do have neighbors like this).  We don’t think of them as the first ones to call in an emergency (although again, some do have neighbors like this).  But we do depend on them to keep a look out, to let us know if things are going wrong (like when our neighbor let us know their backyard was flooding daily due to a leaky sprinkler we had no idea was in our backyard), to keep an eye on our kids when they are out playing, etc.

I have always wanted to live in one of those neighborhoods where everyone knows each other and has block parties.  But, I also like having some anonymity in my home space. Neighbors can be like family.  Everyone wants a close knit family until it starts getting itchy from the close-knittedness.  I would like to have a closer relationship with some of my neighbors.  At least know them by name, etc.  So, I may try to make getting to know my neighbors a bit more a goal for this Fall.

___________________________________________________________And the buzzer rings!

That’s it.  Five minutes.  Writing without judgment.  Enjoy!

Let's build gates, not fences.



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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday – Neighbor

  1. hi sue, i’m your next door neighbor at FMF:) i enjoyed your post. i also find the subject of your blog very interesting. it is a topic i struggle with all the time! since we “downsized” from a house to an apt. i just haven’t been able to make the adjustment. i didn’t downsize enough. i’ll have to keep up with what you are writing to see if you can help me. i need it.


  2. Lesley says:

    I liked your post and I agree, even if our neighbours are not the people we spend a lot of time with it is important to be looking out for one another and offering to help where we can. Visiting from FMF#13.

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Hello – I think I tend to lean more toward “wanting anonymity” perhaps too much so….certainly something I need to work on as a neighbor! Enjoyed your post!

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  4. kelly @kellyblackwell says:

    I had really close neighbors at several times in my life, and I would like to get back to that again. I think it would be really nice. When I moved away from my home back East I didn’t have the kind of job that allowed me much chat time with neighbors though I was friendly and visited with my neighbors on the right and left of me when I wasn’t working. I look forward to reinvesting time once we get into a home again.
    Nice visiting you from FMF. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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